Insight Memory Care Center

We are a nonprofit adult day health and resource center providing specialized care, support, and education for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments, their families, caregivers, and the community. Serving Northern Virginia since 1984, IMCC offers a spectrum of holistic care, with a vision of a community where those affected by memory impairments can achieve the highest quality of life.

  • We know that every case of dementia is a little different, but no one knows better than other caregivers what caregivers are going through. Take a look at these 5 tips for caregivers, from caregivers.

  • Nominations for our Excellence in Memory Care Award will be accepted until the end of this month, so complete your nomination forms soon! Learn more about the award, and see if you know an individual or organization that be a good fit!

  • Want to Do More? Your support today will help Insight serve families living with dementia in our community! Today, June 8th, thousands of people in the Washington, DC area are coming together for Do More 24, our region's biggest giving day. The 24-hour online fundraiser will bring together 600 nonprofits working to strengthen our community! Insight strengthens our community one family at a time, working with each family at their individual stage of the disease process, providing specialized care, education, and support.

  • We departed for our 3rd annual Caregiver Cruise this morning! To keep up with all our adventures, follow us on our Cruise blog! We'll be posting daily highlights of our excursions!