Our Impact

Family Stories

We are proud to be able to help those affected by Alzheimer's and other memory impairments, their caregivers, and their loved ones. We are even more proud to hear about the positive impact we have on these families. Below are some stories from our participants' families and caregivers.



Family Stories

Hear directly from several of our families - a husband and wife, brother and sister, and mother and daughter - how they live with the disease and the impact of Insight Memory Care Center.


Family Letters

IMCC has received many generous compliments and enthusiastic endorsements over the years, a few recent of which you can read below. We are truly grateful for all the families that we can serve, and we are even more delighted to have made such a positive impact in their lives.


"Prior to Christine's stroke she was a people person and the life of the party. I think we were invited to some functions simply for her personality and her way with making people have fun. Unfortunately her stroke, to some degree, changed that. However, since attending Insight much of Christine's humor and personality traits have returned and she is downright humorous at times. This fact alone gives me confidence that she now has a happier and more enjoyable life."


"Besides the second breakfast which he really seems to enjoy, you have provided activities that have stimulated him far beyond what I could have given him. He has brought home all sorts of handouts about things that were discussed on any given day, and has been eager to tell me about what he had learned from them."


"Since joining, we have noticed a tremendous change in her. Outwardly, the biggest difference is her smile, a smile we have not seen in over 3 years. She is excited to tell us about her day, the art work she has done, the music she's listened to, and of course, the dancing. Inwardly, the biggest change in her is the same change in us children -- now we have hope."


"I believe the person with Dementia thrives in this environment. What amazes me when I am at the center, whether it be morning or end of day, is the pleasant, kind and friendly atmosphere of both the staff and the residents. It is a culture of caring and respect."


Have your own story to tell? We encourage all of our past and present participants and families to share their stories!

Our Impact

"I am so glad my husband attended the last six months. They were some of his happiest days. I'm thankful or each of your staff for welcoming and loving him!"