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Carol's Letter

For several years we had been coasting along making minor adjustments as Jim’s needs began to change. We thought we were doing pretty well, but by the time he began to slip more rapidly we had already enrolled him at IMCC for two days a week with the possibility of needing more help down the road. It turned out to be a short road - he had attended his orientation visit, but was not fully enrolled when I had the first of two accidents about 4 months apart, suffering fairly serious injuries both times.

For most of the time between mid-April and mid-November my activities were severely limited, and then there was a death in the family! Our family, friends, and neighbors were wonderfully helpful, but all those people are busy. Although we were the new kids on the block, IMCC frequently anticipated our needs and offered precisely the help we needed, making extra days available, often before we knew we needed such help! This may have been their most important contribution!

Now he is attending 4 days a week!

Many thanks to the entire staff, especially Joel whom I don’t know all that well, but know that he has always made what I thought were the right decisions in Jim’s behalf when called upon; Lisa, my go-to person; Paula, the busiest person I know; Stephanie, who knows what questions to ask and how to deal with the answers to them; & David, without whose help I’d probably still be in debt to IMCC. He certainly helped us qualify for our long-term care benefits far more quickly than expected!

I am looking forward to the year ahead, largely because I know that my mistakes will be stopped in their tracks or forgiven, & that my opinions will be respected, at least at IMCC.

I have written about how IMCC has helped me, but this letter would not be complete unless I address what it has done for Jim. Besides the second breakfast which he really seems to enjoy, you have provided activities that have stimulated him far beyond what I could have given him. He has brought home all sorts of handouts about things that were discussed on a given day, and has been eager to tell me about what he had learned about them. I realize he will never again be the man I married, but you all have maintained memories of the way he was!

If I had to say what of all of the assistance you offered, the extra days stand out! But I also feel a need to tell everyone how much easier the lives of caregivers would be if we would consider all the unrealistic or impossible problems that might arise and at least consider contingency plans!

And many, many, thanks for helping me keep him singing!

Carol Stockton

Our Impact

"I am so glad my husband attended the last six months. They were some of his happiest days. I'm thankful or each of your staff for welcoming and loving him!"