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Lewis' Letter

Dear Mr. Bednoski,

I am writing to praise and thank you and your staff for the care and effort provided for my wife of 51 years, Christine Smith.

Before attending your center Christine, my son and I were living a stressful life due to Christine’s condition and the life, or non-life she was living. At the time Christine was in Home Care with a Practical Nurse. The nurse was responsible for Christine’s hygiene, feeding and making her bed, but she did not or could not provide any physical therapy, test her glucose or administer any drugs as this was beyond her qualifications.

Each day, after her shower and breakfast Christine’s by the clock routine would be to sit on the sofa after breakfast until lunch time. I could tell Christine was frustrated and she argued frequently with the Nurse, my son and I. Her condition was seriously affecting the lives of three people. Because of the limited qualifications of her Nurse, I or my son had to be available to test her glucose, administer insulin and do anything else the Nurse was unable to perform. Fortunately, I was a Navy Corpsman for over 10 years and qualified to provide services the Nurse could not. However, I needed to work as Christine’s condition and hospital stays had wiped out all of our retirement savings.

The above describes some of our problems we faced, but the most serious one was Christine’s day to day life. Event before Christine’s stroke I had expressed my opinion that there is more to living than simply existing and it was something that I was keenly aware of when observing Christine’s daily life. I did not want to simply exist and I did not want that for Christine as well. Yet, this was exactly what was happening to Christine. This fact weighed heavy on my conscience. To see her senior years simply existing with little or no day to day enjoyment was painful to watch.

Finally, after discussions with Christine’s Doctor and Social Worker, I decided to look into an alternative to Home Care and seek a place where Christine could have some social interaction and have a semblance of real living.

Prior to selecting your facility I had visited two (2) other facilities in the area. Only one of these facilities met my criteria. The acceptable facility had a waiting list and suggested I visit your center. I did visit your facility and was most impressed with the activities, care and attention your staff provided, as this was one of my main concerns. Looking back I feel we were lucky the other facility had a waiting list.

Prior to Christine’s stroke she was a people person and the life of the party. I think we were invited to some functions simply for her personality and her way with making people have fun. Unfortunately her stroke, to some degree, changed that. However, since attending Insight much of Christine’s humor and personality traits have returned and she is downright humorous at times. This fact alone gives me confidence that she now has a happier and more enjoyable life. I too have benefited from the change in her well being brought about by Insight since I no longer have concerns about her safety and well-being. I know she is in good hands and enjoying life again.

The fact is Christine’s life has been saved. I do not think she would be alive physically or mentally today had she remained on the Home Care routine. At the time I was apprehensive about making the change and remained cautious about how Christine would react since she thought I was sending her to a Nursing Home.

Today she offers no objections and seems happy to be going to see her friends.

In closing I want to offer a huge THANK YOU, to you and your staff for the wonderful care you provide. I hope that other families can find the peace of mind as I and my son have.

Lewis Smith

Our Impact

"I am so glad my husband attended the last six months. They were some of his happiest days. I'm thankful or each of your staff for welcoming and loving him!"