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Yvette's Letter

Dear Insight Memory Care Center Staff,

Thank you IMCC for everything you're doing for our mother!

As her children, we remember how our mom had always been a social butterfly of sorts --flitting about her network of nieces, nephews, church friends, and neighbors. She was always eager to share her joy. However, shortly after our dad passed, our mom suffered a TIA stroke and other hardships which aggravated her dementia to a point where she was often depressed and had no interest in interacting with friends and family.

For over three years, we sought professional guidance, counseling through her pastor, and other supportive assistance for her (as well as ourselves), but made very little progress in improving her outlook in life. Having dementia is bad, but having no hope is worse.

Then we found IMCC.

Our mom started attending IMCC recently - first in the Mind and Body Workshop and now in the Friends club weekday program. Since joining, we have noticed a tremendous change in her. Outwardly, the biggest difference is her smile, a smile we have not seen in over 3 years. She is excited to tell us about her day, the art work she has done, the music she's listened to, and of course, the dancing. Inwardly, the biggest change in her is the same change in us children --we now have hope. Thank you so very much, IMCC, for all you have done, and continue to do, for our mother...and us!

With our warmest regards,
The Buot Kids

Our Impact

"I am so glad my husband attended the last six months. They were some of his happiest days. I'm thankful or each of your staff for welcoming and loving him!"