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Fairfax County Budget

Fairfax County will be holding public hearings on the upcoming budget on April 11th. These annual hearings are open to the public; individuals and organizations can request time to speak in front of the Board of Supervisors.

Insight is at the beginning of the list of speakers for the meeting. Appointed Insight representatives will share a message of appreciation for all the support Fairfax County has provided to Insight, as well as a request to continue funding for Insight and to request increasing resources for dementia specific adult day centers.



A Little Backstory

February 2017
Insight was informed that a recommendation was made to cut our support by $150,000 for the upcoming year. Our staff and board jumped into action on figuring out how this will affect our budget, programs, and families we serve.

April 2017
At last year's public hearing, staff, families, and supporters of Insight advocated for the Board of Supervisors to vote against cutting Insight’s funding. We also had lots of families and supporters send letters to the Board of Supervisors and their representatives.

May 2017
Board of Supervisors voted to delay our funding cut for one year!

August 2017
Amendment to contract was signed between Insight and Fairfax County for a funding cut effective in July 2018.

July 2018
Funding cut goes into effect.

April 2019
Public hearing on April 11 at 2pm to determine the FY2020 budget.

Insight is extremely grateful for all the support it has received from Fairfax County over the last 10 years, including rent subsidy and funding from the Consolidated Community Funding Pool. While we understand Fairfax County is facing a deficit, IMCC is serving a vulnerable population suffering from a degenerative, fatal disease, and the loss of this funding affects our organization and the people we serve. Our adult day center often runs at full capacity, keeping in mind we also receive a significant number of transfers from the Fairfax County Adult Day Health Centers, where the participant's needs are unable to be met in that environment. Insight has received this funding at a constant rate, without any increase over the last ten years, yet the number of individuals we have served has increased by nearly 100% during this time.

We were able to plan for our last funding cut to still maintain the high quality level of service we have become renowned for. Unfortunately, this cut did result in higher fees, even as we increased our fundraising efforts from other sources. We value serving everyone in the community, including those with lower incomes who may otherwise have no options for care. We will continue to advocate for Fairfax County support to providing quality, person-centered care to all of our program participants and family members.

If you have any questions please contact Robin McGlothin at or 703-204-4664.

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