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Are there any age requirements?
Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to work directly with our participants.

Is there a minimum commitment?
We ask that volunteers contribute at least 40 hours over 4 months. We can be flexible with this policy for longer-term commitments, and one-time group activities. However, our participants thrive on consistency, so they appreciate seeing the same volunteer faces too!

Can my group volunteer?
We welcome service groups, faith communities, businesses, and corporations who are looking for service projects. Please contact us if you're interested or to learn more!

I’m not sure how I’d like to volunteer…or I have an idea that’s not listed here.
The orientation gives a general introduction of IMCC and addresses the types of volunteer opportunities available. Learning more about the program might help you decide, and our volunteer coordinator is happy to discuss additional ways you can help out!

I’ve never worked with someone with dementia. Will I know what to do?
During the volunteer orientation we will provide an overview of dementia, communication skills, and training for working with our population. There will also be videos to watch on your own that will help provide guidance. Finally, your first day of volunteering will mostly be observation, to help you get in the swing of things!

Additional Questions?
Contact IMCC's volunteer coordinator to find out how you can get started!

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