Adult Day Health Program


IMCC’s adult day health center provides a safe, engaging, and therapeutic environment for people with memory impairment in mid to late stages. It is the only dementia-specific day center in the DC metro area and still the only adult day health center in Northern Virginia with programs for people in the later stages of a memory impairment.



The Basics

The Day Center is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Participants can attend from two to five days a week, and for the hours that work best for their schedules. Our participants thrive on a structured daily program, so unfortunately we cannot accept drop-in requests. The Day Center offers:

  • A secure and safe environment
  • Staff ratio that exceeds state licensure requirements
  • Structured activities on regularly scheduled days of attendance
  • Highly trained, multi-lingual staff
  • Health monitoring and medication management by nursing staff
  • Assistance with personal care, including mealtime and incontinence care
  • Individualized participant care plan with goals
  • Physical therapy and exercise program
  • Two meals and two snacks offered daily
  • Assistance with arranging low-cost transportation, if needed
  • Financial assistance available
  • A warm and loving environment with friends!


Levels of Care

Blue Group: Early to Mid Stages
Building on our person-centered care principles, this group will incorporate specific program elements to foster peer support through small group programs.

  • Staff Ratio: 1 to 5
  • Insight Assessment Score: 0 - 6

Care Needs

  • Participants benefit from cueing, reminders, supervision, medication management (if needed), and may need a one person assist.


  • Many program elements (cognitive engagement, creative expression, movement, reflection, and social engagement) are utilized to create structured programs that meet the interests and cognitive abilities of individuals in this stage.
  • Small group programs and one-on-one options provide participants with choices based on individual interests.
  • Programming in this group is created and designed with a goal to increase the individual’s levels of stimulation and participation.


Orange Group: Moderate Stages
Building on our person-centered care principles, programs will develop a sense of purpose and connectedness to other participants in the group.

  • Staff Ratio: 1 to 4
  • Insight Assessment Score: 7 - 15

Care Needs

  • Participants benefit from regular cueing, hands-on ADL care: eating and toileting (continence care), increased psychosocial redirection, behavioral interventions, medication management (if needed), and may need a one person assist.


  • Many program elements (cognitive engagement, creative expression, movement, reflection and social engagement) are utilized to create structured programs that meet the interests and cognitive abilities of the individuals in this stage. Additional sensory programs are added. Music is used regularly through music therapy and the Music and Memory Program.
  • Adaptive programming is used, with a focus of engagement over a final product or completing the task.


Coral Group: Moderate to Late Stages
Building on our person-centered care principles, staff work to enable stimulation and engagement through sensory based adapted programming.

  • Staff Ratio: 1 to 3
  • Insight Assessment Score: 16 +

Care Needs

  • Participants benefit from hands-on to total care with all ADLs including ambulation, motility, transfers, eating, toileting (continence care), medication management (if needed), and may need a one to two person assist. If appropriate, palliative care and hospice elements can be incorporated.


  • This program is smaller and sensory-driven to focus on individual therapeutic goals of care. The Multi-Sensory Environment, Music and Memory, and other sensory-based interventions and therapies are features of this program. The group is limited to 12 per day.
  • Individual programming is geared to each participant’s ability and tolerance, to increase stimulation or promote a soothing environment.


Get to Know Us

We are happy to give you a tour of the center, anytime during our regular business hours. Please call us at 703-204-4664 or email Latoria Logan, Program Director, to set up a convenient time! You can also take a look at our Virtual Tour to learn more.

Insight in Action
Want to learn more about Insight? Join us on the third Thursday of the month for Insight in Action! Come and see our programs in action, meet the staff, and learn more about resources available. Upcoming dates include:

Our Adult Day Health Center is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services. IMCC holds a three-year license, the highest level in Virginia. We strive to consistently exceed licensure requirements in an effort to provide optimum, individualized care for our day health center participants. View our record.


Holidays and Closures

Insight Memory Care Center typically honors federal holidays. IMCC may be closed additional days for staff training, which are published in our yearly calendar.

Insight follows Fairfax County Public Schools with regards to weather related closures. When Fairfax County schools are closed because of inclement weather, Insight Memory Care Center will be closed. If Fairfax County schools have a late opening, IMCC will open on time.



Day center fees are charged on a monthly basis, based on the number of days attended per week, and level of care. A chart outlines our current monthly fees below:

Monthly Fee Blue Group Orange Group Coral Group
2 days per week $1285 $1385 $1475
3 days per week $1800 $1940 $2070
4 days per week $2315 $2485 $2660
5 days per week $2700 $2900 $3100


Financial Assistance

For those who have difficulty meeting the cost of care, the Board has established the Financial Assistance Fund with the goal that no one is turned away for lack of funds to pay for services. Please contact us for more information, and a financial assistance application.


Programs & Services

"My wife enjoys coming, all personnel are friendly and well trained. Overall I think it has been a good experience for both of us over the past 3 years."