Caregiver Cruise

2016 Caregiver Cruise to New England and Canada!

We know it can be difficult to travel when your loved one has memory impairment, but we all still need a vacation! Both the individual with a dementia diagnosis and their caregiver are able to attend the cruise, making the program possibly the first of its kind in the country. Insight provides supervision during excursions, and respite at sea, giving cruise participants the opportunity for a vacation in a safe environment, in the company of others who “get it.” In addition to the many benefits a cruise offers – the chance for a vacation, seeing new sights, a getaway – the caregiver cruise provides families with a sense of normalcy.

One caregiver shared: "It was just fun to be with other people because at home I’m pretty isolated and this gave me an opportunity to be with people, be entertained, go to the shows, just relax and enjoy things - without my husband and with my husband."

Check Out What We Did!

We made daily posts here with trip highlights and excursions so you can feel like you've cruised along with us!
We departed from Baltimore on Thursday, May 26, 2016, and returned Saturday, June 4, 2016 with stops in Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, St. John, and Halifax.

Day 3: A Beautiful Day in Boston!

Day 3: A Beautiful Day in Boston!

May 28, 2016

We lucked out with absolutely gorgeous weather today in Boston. Initially the forecast for our Caregiver Cruise was mostly rain every day, but today we had sunshine and 85 degree weather while visiting what everyone thought was a beautiful city.

The day started off with folks enjoying a leisurely breakfast and taking in the shoreline of Boston as we headed into Port. We didn’t actually arrive into the Port of Boston until 10am. By mid-morning, the group had convened at our pre-arranged gathering point for our first excursion – a Duck Land and Boat Tour. There was a slight hiccup in our seating arrangements, but we all made it on board and were greeted by our Captain, Roger, and our First Mate, Geena.

Roger and Geena gave us a great overview of historic Boston as we weaved in and out of the streets throughout town. We were treated to picturesque views of the Zakim Memorial Bridge, Boston Commons, Beacon Hill, Bunker Hill, and many others. Once we headed towards Boston Harbor (which we learned is one of the top 3 cleanest harbors in the US), our Duck Roadster turned into a Duck Boat! We enjoyed views and more history of scenic Boston from the harbor – Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, South Boston, and much more! It was a great reminder of how beautiful our country is!

Once we concluded the tour and Roger and Geena returned us safely to the port of Boston – the group split up. Some folks went back on board to enjoy a leisurely afternoon of lounging on the decks by the pool, others met their family who lived in Boston, while some others took time to see some additional sites like the Cheers Bar, Boston Commons, and take the Swan Boat tour!

We did have an encounter with Boston’s finest as one of our caregivers happened to trip off a curb while she was talking on the phone, but the police happened to be right there. Although she was completely fine, they would not let her leave until she completed an incident report! It is great to know that the people of Boston are so courteous and caring of their visitors.

The day ended with everyone reconvening for dinner in the Gatsby dining room and then evening entertainment of the Aerial show, comedy hour, Love and Marriage game and a friendly game of Phase 10! Everyone had a great - but exhausting – day!

Next up – Portland, ME, where we hear the weather will not be as nice!

Starting the day with our Land and Boat Tour.

Seeing the sights of Boston!

We had great sunny views!

And out on the water!

Enjoying the tour.

A few more smiles!

Outside of the Cheers Bar!

The Set Bar!

Swan Boat Tour!

Enjoying the evening show.

A game of Phase 10 before bed!