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Insight Family Stories

Insight families and staff share the gift of community


Watch their stories.

“I did a lot of interaction in my previous life, and I just like being around people. And when I wasn't doing that, it just depressed me,” shares Rick, a participant in our early stage Reconnections program.

Dementia is a profoundly isolating disease. Friends aren’t sure how to respond to a diagnosis. Family members don’t know how to best support you. It can feel like you’ve lost your community. Reports show that as many as 72% of adults with dementia experience anxiety and depression and that dementia care partners are 3 times as likely to experience substantial negative consequences due to their caregiving duties.

Insight provides community. Regardless of where you are on your dementia journey, Insight provides care and support specifically tailored for your family’s needs. New relationships grow, as individuals and care partners connect over their shared experiences. The Insight community – through day programs, support groups, classes, and so much more – provides an invaluable resource to ensure families don’t have to navigate their dementia journey alone.

Lindsey Vajpeyi, Director of Early Stage Programs, elaborates, "At Insight, people find a community. They find others who are going through something like they are and really get it. There is life to live beyond this diagnosis. There are friendships to be made. There's meaning in every day. And Insight is so honored to be a part of building that community."

Together, we build community. Your gift can support families like these along their journey!








"I like that IMCC focuses on dementia-related problems and provides a focal point for families to network and socially interact in coping with dementia. It provides a community that helps us in our struggle."