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Insight Family Story

Monica shares about her family's dementia journey


Watch their story.

“There’s not many places where you can safely and comfortably leave someone who has dementia, and know that they’re being well taken care of, and stimulated,” explains Monica, care partner for her husband.

However your story with dementia begins, there is always uncertainty. What comes next for me? How will I care for my loved one? What will they do all day? Together, we can help navigate what comes next. Insight Memory Care Center provides a safe, stimulating, and engaging environment for individuals living with dementia all the way through their journey. Providing quality of life – and bringing happiness – is the heart of our mission.

“It’s a supportive environment that can support [care partners] as well. He’s very happy here. I know he is. Because he wants to come.” Monica and her husband Bill are now both active participants with Insight. Monica finds support, while Bill is happy and engaged in the adult day health center.

Your gift brings happiness to so many families living with dementia. A monthly donation supports families throughout their journey.








"I like that IMCC focuses on dementia-related problems and provides a focal point for families to network and socially interact in coping with dementia. It provides a community that helps us in our struggle."