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Recreation Therapy

Brittany, our Director of Recreation, sharing smiles during a day center celebration.

Celebrating our Day Center Recreation Team!

Insight is fortunate to have amazing recreation staff leading participants in a variety of activities each day. Whether it’s brain fitness, a new art project, music therapy, or interacting with technologies like the multi-sensory room, the Obie, or virtual reality, our rec team provides engagement and support to participants in all stages of their dementia journey.

As we celebrate Recreation Therapy Month, learn more about our day center recreation team and hear what they admire about each other!

Brittany Grays-Thomas

How would you describe Brittany in one word? Inventive, Generous, Tranquil, Collaborative  

What is one thing your team member does really well? Brittany is an ideal leader because she actively listens to everyone. Brittany takes everyone's opinions and ideas into consideration when planning new programs, events, or projects. Brittany makes the most of every situation, and can generate positive energy from even the most negative circumstances. She leads by example.

What is your favorite part of working with Brittany? You can count on Brittany for everything and anything. Brittany does a great job leading our team and is always willing to jump in to help. I like helping Brittany put on the spectacular socials and parties that she plans, because everyone is guaranteed to have a fun time. She allows us to create our own style of leading activities. Her compassion is unparalleled and is evident in all she does.

Carl Coffee

How would you describe Carl in one word? Inventive, Inspiring, Energetic, Sociable  

What is one thing your team member does really well? Carl is very good at finding new ways to get participants up and moving. Carl does a great job of making people laugh and always connects with participants and staff on a personal level. He also is always inventing new types of games. Carl's energy makes whatever room he is in more fun. Carl is really good at motivating the participants, by keeping them engaged with his announcer voice and general positivity. He is great at communicating with participants and family and making sure everyone is seen.

What is your favorite part of working with Carl? Carl has a great sense of humor. His booming radio voice is always fun to hear during programs. I like seeing how creative Carl gets with exercise. He always gives me great ideas about what to try in my own exercise programs. I love working with Carl while he leads a physical activity like bowling or golf, because he makes it so exciting for everyone in the room.

Jimmy Porter

How would you describe Jimmy in one word? Knowledgeable, Genuine, Thoughtful, Passionate

What is one thing your team member does really well? Jimmy is a deep well of information. He's always able to find common ground when talking to participants. Jimmy can make everyone in a room feel like he's talking to them directly. Even when he is leading a program for over 30 people, he includes everyone. Jimmy brings a deep knowledge of many topics to the table. Jimmy is dynamic, he is great in all activities with any room he’s in.  

What is your favorite part of working with Jimmy? Jimmy is a very organized person. It is a big help to have some order when things are busy. Jimmy is a great team member because he is a great collaborator. Whether it's brainstorming new ideas, co-leading a program, or just a normal day, Jimmy contributes and encourages others to be involved at the same time. Jimmy never hesitates to ask if he can help with anything, and his outgoing nature is always a boost to the team.

Sarah Richart

How would you describe Sarah in one word? Kind, Enthusiastic, Fireball, Caring 

What is one thing your team member does really well? Sarah is good at forming close bonds with participants. Sarah is amazing at making people smile, whether by telling a funny story, or by providing a welcoming atmosphere in any of her programs. She makes sure everyone has the best possible day. Sarah shows genuine enthusiasm in any activity. Sarah brings her creativity to everything she does.

What is your favorite part of working with Sarah? Sarah is always working to capture moments with photos. It truly helps us to keep the fun memories going. The best part about working with Sarah is her incredible work ethic, and how she thinks about what people need/want before they even need it. She does so much for the Rec team without asking for anything in return, and I’m grateful for the help she provides. I like that our senses of humor mesh well when we are paired to lead activities. Sarah is very thoughtful and goes above and beyond to show care for everyone. 

Deborah Aquino

How would you describe Deborah in one word? Energetic, Genial, Reliable, Peppy

What is one thing your team member does really well? Deborah has an energetic and positive attitude. That excitement easily transfers to the joy of the participants. Deborah is never scared of trying new things in programming. She's done multiple science experiments, new games, and always with a smile. Deborah is really good at making people feel comfortable while at Insight, participants and employees alike. She has a very warm character and can meet people at their level. She is extremely tender with the participants. 

What is your favorite part of working with Deborah? No matter the department, Deborah is always ready to jump in and help! Deborah is always so personal with her coworkers and participants. She truly is a friend to everyone in the most genuine way possible. My favorite part of working with Deborah is how helpful she is in preparing programming material, and how she makes sure everyone on the team has what they need to have a successful day. She really is a lifesaver. I always enjoy our conversations with the participants during the last hour of work.



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"I like that IMCC focuses on dementia-related problems and provides a focal point for families to network and socially interact in coping with dementia. It provides a community that helps us in our struggle."