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Wellness Workshop: Support and Mindfulness

Saturday, August 8, 2020
1:00 pm3:30 pm
Wellness Workshop: Support and Mindfulness

This FREE Wellness Workshop is brought to you by We Care Management, the Windward Foundation, and Insight Memory Care Center. We hope you will join us for an afternoon of support and mindfulness. The same program will be offered on both August 8th and August 22. Please sign up for one date that you prefer!

Grief Support Workshop
1:00-2:15 pm
Life is full of changes; everyone experiences changes across the lifespan which can bring about a sense of loss. Sometimes we struggle to cope, and can benefit greatly from additional support to find a way to overcome challenges and live well. Leading a life of wellness can mean different things to each individual person. We hope this workshop will help you adjust to the changes and loss you have experienced. We Care Management will provide an opportunity, amongst a small group of caregivers, for you to share your experiences with others on a similar journey, and find ways of adapting to those changes.

Mindfulness Art Class
2:30-3:30 pm
This Virtual Mindfulness Art Class, facilitated by Jody Tompros, will expand your creativity, help you slow your breathing, and relax and replenish your inner-resources.

Mindfulness Art is a form of meditation using color on paper, allowing your imagination to spontaneously bring forth images. There is no judging of what comes, simply an embodied awareness that is put on paper and, ideally, let go of. As a result, Mindfulness Art has been a useful way to let go of stress to prevent burn-out. As you draw or paint, you become ever more present, allowing creativity to ignite and arise spontaneously from your deepest energy source.

To maintain a small group experience, this workshop will be limited to 20 participants. If capacity has been met, please check the alternate date, or email to be added to the waitlist.

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