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Make Your Medical Decision Plan with Dr. Lamb - 8 week series

Monday, May 1, 2023

Make Confident Medical Decisions for your Loved One with Memory Impairment
Everyday Dr. Lamb cares for a person living with dementia in the ER. She sees their caregivers struggling to make decisions for them feeling unsure, overwhelmed and unprepared.

She has developed a course to teach caregivers what they need to know, in plain English, about the medical issues their person is most likely to face and then how these conditions are treated. They then turn this knowledge into a written treatment plan made for their person to fall back on when making decisions.

8 Week Program Goals
  • Be able to confidently communicate your person’s goals with nurses, doctors, or anyone else caring for them.
  • Know your person will receive the care they would want through understanding treatment options for the most common medical issues that happen in dementia and aging.
  • Have created a written decision-making plan (100% adaptable overtime) using Dr. Lamb’s process for each medical issue you are likely to face.
    Know if you come to the hospital or ER and are forced to make a quick decision, you have a plan and knowledge to do so confidently.

You’ll go from feeling worried about the unknown, to feeling informed and ready to act, allowing you to focus your time and attention on your person’s day-to-day needs and quality time together.

  • Module 1 - Understanding your role as medical decision maker
  • Module 2 - Things to act on and consider before creating a medical care plan
  • Module 3 - Determining goals of care now and into the future
  • Module 4 - Organizing the plan - A process for checking in & a framework for decision making
  • Module 5 - Common medical issues in dementia
  • Module 6 - Medical emergencies as we age 
  • Module 7 - Treatment options when someone is seriously ill
  • Module 8 - Tools you can use to advocate for your person 

Course runs from May 1st through June 19th. Each weekly module will open on Sunday for participants to access. Zoom Q&A sessions will be held half way through and during the last week of the course. At the end of the 8 weeks participants will have lifetime access to the course and all materials.

Attendees will be emailed directions to log-in after registering for the series.

Cost for the full series is $250 per person. Dr. Lamb has partnered with Insight to provide scholarship for 10 people to attend for a reduced fee!


Dr. Brittany Lamb, ER physician, sees the overwhelm and frustrations people experience in having to make medical decisions unexpectedly. When not in the ER, Dr. Lamb supports and educates dementia caregivers, on the importance of, and how to, plan for future medical decisions.

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