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Hospitalization Happens in Dementia Care: Be Prepared!

October 21, 2020
A trip to the hospital for a person with dementia can be stressful for both parties. Join us to discuss ways you can relieve some of this stress by preparing for both unexpected and planned hospital visits.


Megan Descutner, MSN, RN, CMC, CDP
Megan Descutner is a certified care manager whose 30 year nursing career has spanned rehabilitation, home health, long term care, mental health, and community and government relations. She has a masters degree in nursing and has worked with individuals and families from birth through end of life. She is actively involved in community education to improve care for vulnerable, disabled, and elderly individuals providing knowledge and tools to make a difference.



"After meeting with you, I've changed my approach in dealing with her memory loss, and my wife and I are so much happier."