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Why Chose a Day Program?

Receiving an Alzheimer's or dementia diagnosis is daunting enough, but navigating all the options for care can quickly become even more overwhelming. One option that many have never heard of? Adult Day Programs. While we might be a bit biased here at Insight, we believe that day centers and day programs can be the perfect happy medium for many families - support, engagement, and safety during the day, and the comforts of family and home in the evening. In honor of National Adult Day Services Week, here are a few reasons to consider a day program.

Quality of Life
We believe that everyone should be provided with the best quality of life possible. Through all of our programming, Insight works hard to enhance the lives of thousands of individuals and families living with dementia each year. Participants are active and engaged in programming from the early to late stages of the disease, and care partners have the support, education, and respite they need to be successful in their caregiving roles.

Remain at Home
Many dementia patients move into assisted living prematurely due to lack of care options. Our Day Center allows your loved one to continue living in their own environment and stay a part of their community, while receiving the services and support they need. Highly trained in dementia care, our staff consists of nurses, CNAs, social workers, recreation therapists, and other professionals.

Holistic Care
A day nurse can provide services at home, but there is a lack of group socialization. A family member can become a full-time caregiver, but that increases the family member's stress and risk for illness. Our memory care programs provide a range of services that a single caregiver cannot provide alone. We provide support and programming options for the whole family!

Day care in the home has many advantages, but it lacks a vital part of healthy living: socialization. Studies have shown that socialization reduces aggressive and verbal agitation, while increasing feelings of inclusiveness and support. Insight helps prevent social isolation for both the participant and caregiver.

Free Caregiver Services
At Insight, our mission is not only to provide care for the individual with Alzheimer's or dementia, but also provide care, education and support for their families, caregivers, and the community. We try to provide these services as cost effectively as possible. Many of our services are free, including training, support, and resource referral.


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"I like that IMCC focuses on dementia-related problems and provides a focal point for families to network and socially interact in coping with dementia. It provides a community that helps us in our struggle."