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Caregiver Bootcamp - Rescheduled Date!

**Event Rescheduled from 1/20**

Join IMCC for a free, special morning training event covering many essential caregiving topics!

Topics for this session include:

What Do I Ask the Neurologist?
Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Pauldurai
It’s important to gather as much information from your doctor as you can. Asking the right questions can help you navigate your appointments and this journey.

Dementia & Dental Care
Presented by: District Mobile Dentistry
Dental work can be difficult for an individual as dementia progresses, and they may not understand what is happening during a dental visit. Learn how to approach this common challenge with your loved one.

Navigating Legal Paperwork
Presented by: Geller Law Firm
There are so many ‘what if’s, and ‘what comes next’s’ in navigating your caregiving journey. Learn more about what paperwork you need to get in order and receive guidance from a legal perspective.

Sponsored by Great Falls Assisted Living!

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