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Early Stage Resources

Early Stage Memory Care Programs

When you receive a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's or dementia, it's overwhelming to say the least. You're probably asking some form of "now what?" "Where do I go from here?" Or "how can I help my family with this?"

First know, you're not alone! Our goal at Insight Memory Care Center is to assist individuals with memory loss and their families from the beginning - and throughout the entire journey. We can guide you through the first steps and help you have the best quality of life possible as you and your family live with memory loss or dementia.


Read more in our Early Stage Guide, or you have options below of programs and resources below to help you plan for the future, stay engaged, find support, and learn more about your family's new diagnosis.


Plan for the Future

Stay Engaged - Early Stage Programs

Find Support

  • This group is specifically designed for care partners whose loved one has received a recent diagnosis of dementia or is in the early stages of the disease. Get to know other families who are in a similar situation, while also learning caregiving tips and sharing personal concerns and successes.

  • The café is an opportunity for caregivers and their loved one to meet with others for support, companionship, and fun! The program provides structured activities to promote reminiscence, cognition, and engagement. There is also time to share in conversation and get to know others in a safe, supportive environment. Come join us!

  • Not sure where to start? Do you have a few questions specific to your family's situation or needs? Contact us for a free consultation! Get your questions answered, and we'll provide resources to help you start your journey.


Learn More

  • Whether you're brand new to caregiving, or you just want to brush up on a specific topic, Insight is here to help! We offer a variety of caregiving classes throughout the year, specifically geared towards family caregivers providing care for a loved one at home. Most classes are free, and open to the public.

  • Insight offers additional online resources for you to learn more about memory impairments at your own pace. Read an article, watch a class recording, or browse additional area resources to learn more.

  • Insight Memory Care Center offers free, confidential memory screenings and educational materials to people with concerns about their memory or who want to check their memory now for future comparison.

Programs & Services

"We participate in as many educational, support and social activities as possible which have given us hope, knowledge, strength, and friendships. So many wonderful activities help us navigate through a very challenging time in our lives. I really don't think I could keep my husband at home if it weren't for IMCC."