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Early Stage Programs

Early Stage Memory Care Programs

Our goal at IMCC is to assist individuals with memory loss and their families throughout the entire journey. The trained and compassionate professionals at Insight Memory Care Center will guide you through the first steps and help you have the best quality of life possible as you and your family live with memory loss or dementia.

For those in the early stages, we offer the Reconnections program for individuals to attend, the Mind and Body Workshop for caregivers and their loved one to attend together.


  • The Mind and Body Workshop provides innovative interventions for families who have an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another memory impairment. The workshop is a multi-session program series for both the caregiver and the recently diagnosed individual to promote cognitive enhancement, creative expression, movement, community engagement, and overall well-being while living with memory loss.

  • Reconnections is a weekly gathering of individuals who have been recently diagnosed with a memory loss disorder. Together with professional staff, a small group of club members participate in individualized discussion groups, recreational therapies, learning experiences, and all have the opportunity for peer support and to socialize in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

Programs & Services

"We participate in as many educational, support and social activities as possible which have given us hope, knowledge, strength, and friendships. So many wonderful activities help us navigate through a very challenging time in our lives. I really don't think I could keep my husband at home if it weren't for IMCC."