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Grow Your Caregiving Skills



Sharing her own experience caring for her mom, join us for a presentation with author, Loretta Woodward Veney. She offers practical tips, tools and activities for lifting care partners’ spirits and uncovering their joy through the toughest challenges of caregiving and launching into the new year.

The caregiving journey will have you experiencing many highs and lows. We’ll discuss the variety of emotions that are often felt by caregivers and tips on going along for the ride.

We know it can be hard as a busy caregiver to find all the information you need to best care for your loved one with dementia. Insight offers the Caregiver Bootcamp to help you learn more about essential caregiving topics, all in one place! Come and learn from experts in their fields and gain knowledge on the basics you need to know as a caregiver.

How can you reconnect with someone with dementia? Keeping their current abilities in mind, learn ways to keep your loved one engaged in personalized activities.

Communication can become difficult as you struggle to meet and understand the needs of your loved one. Come and learn strategies for effective communication and understanding and responding to difficult behaviors.

Learn how to use elements of friendship - knowing the person well, enjoying activities together, communication, building self-esteem, and laughter - to make you a better caregiver!

A trip to the hospital for a person with dementia can be stressful for both parties. Join us to discuss ways you can relieve some of this stress by preparing for both unexpected and planned hospital visits.

Communication abilities change as dementia progresses. We'll walk through each stage to learn skills that can help ease frustration and lead to successful interactions with your loved one.

For those with cognitive impairments, sometimes the only form of communication provided is through behavior, both positive and negative. Come and learn strategies for understanding and responding to difficult behaviors.


"After meeting with you, I've changed my approach in dealing with her memory loss, and my wife and I are so much happier."