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Programs & Services

Alzheimer’s Disease & Adult Day Care Programs

In keeping with our mission, Insight Memory Care Center strives to provide a comprehensive spectrum of care, support and education to those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments throughout the course of the disease process. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, our programs are open to anyone in the DC metro area, and our caregiving resources are used across the country.





Early Stage Programs

Our early stage programming provides care and support to individuals and families who have recently received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or who are in the early stages of memory impairment.

Reconnections is a weekly gathering of individuals who have been recently diagnosed with a memory loss disorder. Together with professional staff, a small group of club members participate in individualized discussion groups, recreational therapies, learning experiences, and all have the opportunity for peer support and to socialize in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

Adult Day Health Center

IMCC’s adult day health center provides a safe, engaging, and therapeutic environment for people with memory impairment in mid to late stages. It is the only dementia-specific day center in the DC metro area and still the only adult day health center in Northern Virginia with programs for people in the later stages of an Alzheimer's illness.

Blue Group
The blue group offers therapeutic care and programming designed for participants in the early to mid stages, offering a variety of activities to foster peer support and engagement through small group programs.

Orange Group
The orange group offers therapeutic care and programming designed for participants in the moderate stages, providing activities that create a sense of purpose and connectedness to other participants in the group.

Coral Group
The coral group offers therapeutic care and programming designed for participants in the moderate to late stages, offering individualized staff attention to enable stimulation and engagement through sensory based adapted programming.




Support Programs

As families are also affected by the disease, IMCC offers support groups, consultations, and memory screenings to reduce caregiver stress and provide practical solutions to caregiving challenges. Additionally, we offer the SHARE Program specifically for families in the early stages looking for a hands-on way to plan for the future.

Support Groups
Led by experts in dementia care, support groups offer people in like circumstances the chance to share practical advice, discuss frustrations and fears and connect with others who are on a similar journey in a secure group environment.

Every situation is unique. IMCC can meet with families in person or by phone to discuss a family’s specific needs or challenges and make recommendations of area resources that may be appropriate.

SHARE Program
The SHARE Program is a series of 5 weekly sessions that provides families with a recent diagnosis of dementia an opportunity to discuss values and preferences for care, in order to build a strong network of support they can rely on now, and in the future.


Social Programs

Living with dementia can be isolating for both the diagnosed individual and their caregivers. Insight provides social programs as an outlet for families to enjoy activities together in a safe and supportive environment.

Care Partner Meet-Ups
An informal way for current care partners and families to meet, chat, and get to know one another! You are welcome to stop in and stay as long as you'd like.

Memory Cafe
The café is an opportunity for caregivers and their loved one to meet with others for support, companionship, and fun! The program provides structured activities to promote reminiscence, cognition, and engagement.

Sentimental Journey Singers
Sentimental Journey Singers is a chorus for those diagnosed with memory impairment and their care partners to enjoy the fun and social aspects of choral singing.





IMCC’s innovative education programs include caregiver classes, community, and professional trainings. These programs help family members remain confident and effective in their caregiving roles and increase awareness and understanding of the disease in the community.

Classes for Family Caregivers
Free specialized classes are offered for caregivers to build their skills and confidence while learning more about Alzheimer's resources in the community. Respite care is provided during each class session.

Community Programs
Insight offers a variety of training options to businesses, school groups, service organizations, and faith communities regarding current topics in Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving.

Professional Training
With our expertise in dementia care, IMCC provides consulting services and specialty seminars for long-term care facilities and other professional groups serving older adults.



As a part of our mission, IMCC strives to provide education and support to family caregivers on the many issues surrounding Alzheimer's disease and other memory impairments.

Hear it in our - and your! - own words! Insight's blog provides helpful caregiver tips and resources for those interested in learning more about dementia and memory impairment.

Resource Library
We know not everyone can attend a class in person. Insight provides articles and recorded class sessions in our Resource Library for family caregivers to learn more at their own pace.

Caregiving at a Glance
A fingertip guide for caregivers, and IMCC’s own unique publication, “Caregiving at a Glance” provides strategies for managing behavior challenges and planning for future care.

Memory Screenings
Insight Memory Care Center offers free, confidential, face-to-face memory screenings and educational materials to people with concerns about their memory or who want to check their memory now for future comparison.


Programs & Services

"We participate in as many educational, support and social activities as possible which have given us hope, knowledge, strength, and friendships. So many wonderful activities help us navigate through a very challenging time in our lives. I really don't think I could keep my husband at home if it weren't for IMCC."