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Activity Ideas: A Few More Things to Do

As we’re all trying to stay safe and healthy – and cool from the summer heat! – you’ve probably been spending a lot of time indoors. If you feel like you’re running out of things to do, Insight is here to help! We’ll be sharing some ideas each week, adapted from the Best Friends Approach to Care. Some may be more or less appropriate depending on your loved one’s abilities and interests. Here’s a few more ideas to try this week!

  1. Look at family photos.
    Pull out photo albums you haven’t seen in a while. If you don’t have many to flip through, look up photos online from a favorite vacation spot or your childhood hometown.
  2. Toss a ball!
    A simple game of toss can be lots of fun! See how many times you can throw without dropping it, see who can make the most baskets into a laundry bin, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, toss some water balloons outside!
  3. Color pictures.
    Coloring is often thought of as a children’s activity, but it can be very stress relieving for adults too! You can find many coloring pages online, or make your own outlining simple shapes.
  4. Make fresh lemonade.
    Nothing is more refreshing in the summer heat than a little lemonade! Here are four recipes to try!
  5. Wipe off the table. Or add a new centerpiece!
    It’s easy to get daily clutter around. Take a few minutes to clear off your dining table or coffee table to give you a fresh start. Set out a new vase of flowers or family photo to enjoy on your clean surface.
  6. Cut out pictures from old greeting cards or magazines.
    Put a favorite greeting card front in a frame to enjoy, or make a collage with favorite images you find. Need an idea to start? Look for images all of the same color or those that depict summer!
  7. Say “Tell me more” when a person talks about a memory.
    Take a little extra time for storytelling. Ask your loved one to tell you more, or ask follow-up questions to help them expand on their memories. You might even learn something new in the process!


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