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Activity Ideas: More Things to Do this Week

It’s still hot out there! If you feel like you’re running out of things to do indoors to stay safe, Insight is here to help! We’ll be sharing some ideas each week, adapted from the Best Friends Approach to Care. Some may be more or less appropriate depending on your loved one’s abilities and interests, but here are some more ideas to try this week!

  1. Bake homemade bread
    Nothing makes the house smell better than a little baking! Here’s a simple bread recipe to try.
  2. Sort objects by color
    There are all kinds of things you can sort around the house! Sorting socks after the laundry helps with the chores, sort Uno cards by color as a game, sort beads or poker chips, or even re-arrange the books on your bookshelf by color for a fun change!
  3. Take a ride
    It may be too hot to take a walk around town, but you can still go for a drive! Drive by the park to enjoy the trees, drive by a school to reminisce, or just around some of your favorite spots.
  4. String Cheerios to hang outside for the birds
    Don’t have a bird feeder? String cheerios on string or twine and hang up outside to do a little bird watching.
  5. Have afternoon tea
    Treat yourself to a little relaxing in the afternoon with some tea and the delicious bread you made this week! Read up on the history of afternoon tea.
  6. Have a spelling bee
    Pick words in the dictionary for your partner to spell. You can also try just naming the first letter, using the word in a sentence, or using the word as a jumping off point for a word association game (i.e. if I say “cat,” what word do you think of?)
  7. Read a favorite story or poem aloud
    It can be nice to take a break from the TV and read aloud together. Read a chapter of a favorite book each night, or over meals together.


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