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Activity Ideas: More Ideas for this week

As we hit the middle of August and all the heat, Insight is here to help with more things to do at home! We’ll be sharing some ideas each week, adapted from the Best Friends Approach to Care. Some may be more or less appropriate depending on your loved one’s abilities and interests. Here are a few more ideas to try this week!

  1. Look at photos in National Geographic
    Pull out any old magazines and flip through the photos. Discuss how the scenes make you feel, memories they remind you of, or if it’s a place you’d like to visit!
  2. Put a simple puzzle together
    Depending on your loved ones abilities (and your level of concentration!) pick out an easier puzzle to work on for an hour, or find a larger one you can work on throughout the week.
  3. Decorate paper placemats
    All you need is a little paper and creativity! Make a collage from your magazines, find some colored pencils, or just decorate with simple words of encouragement. Then enjoy your creations at dinnertime!
  4. Rub in a scented hand lotion
    Give each other (or yourself!) a little pampering with a hand massage.
  5. Remember famous people
    Make your own trivia or reminiscing game! Use IMDB to remember which celebrities were in favorite films, or find out which celebrities share your birthday!
  6. Straighten your underwear or sock drawer
    Straighten up or organize a neglected area of your closet or dresser. You can even try to master Marie Kondo’s folding method!
  7. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
    Enjoy a favorite lunch from when you were a kid! Make peanut butter sandwiches or another favorite you brought with you to school. You can even talk about favorite school memories over lunch!


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