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Activity Ideas: A few last summer things to do!

It’s our last week of sharing ideas, and we hope we’ve given you a few good things to try and maybe more ideas to bookmark for later! These activities are adapted from the Best Friends Approach to Care, and some may be more or less appropriate depending on your loved one’s abilities and interests. Here are a few last ideas to try this week!

  1. Make a birthday cake!
    Even if it’s not your birthday, it’s always fun to bake together! Pick something to celebrate, even if it’s just a Wednesday.
  2. Reminisce about a favorite summer vacation
    Pull out an old photo album and find some favorite trip photos, or watch old home movies if you have them!
  3. Paint using a string
    Want to create artwork that looks a lot fancier than it is? Try out a string painting technique! Here’s a tutorial you can follow.
  4. Trace and cut out leaves
    Ready for fall? While it’s still a few weeks out, find a leaf or two outside to trace or do an etching. Hang them up if you’re ready to decorate for fall!
  5. Wipe off patio furniture
    If it’s been outside all summer, it could probably use a little cleaning! Get it ready for cooler evenings when you could enjoy a chat or a meal outside.
  6. Take a virtual visit to the zoo
    Did you know that the National Zoo - along with many others - have webcams for some exhibits? Take a virtual visit to the zoo and check in on your favorite animals.
  7. Cook hot dogs outside
    Now that your patio furniture is nice and clean, enjoy a hot dog on the grill. Make your own barbecue celebration, or turn on a baseball game and pretend you’re at the ballpark!


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