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COVID-19 Status Updates

Insight Updates: Center closed Monday, March 16

Status Update as of 3/13/2020, 5:00 pm

Insight will be closed on Monday, March 16
We all know that the situation around the coronavirus is evolving by the hour. Fairfax County is working hard to maintain and coordinate services during this time, but there are still questions around if and how meals would be provided to us and if any changes would be necessary for transportation services that could greatly affect our day center program. We hope to have more of this information soon so that Monday our staff can come together to determine how to best respond to COVID-19, and most of all keep our participants and families healthy.

We will also be taking Monday to do a deep clean of the center. We have been doing our best to space out the participants in the center, in order to keep some social distance. However, with this population, it can be challenging to avoid all contact between participants and staff. We also wanted to remind you that all transportation services operate independently from Insight, therefore the increased cleaning we have put in place is not a guarantee to take place on these vehicles.

Over the weekend, we ask that you take temperature readings am and pm. If your loved one has a temperature higher than 100.4, do not come in and notify Insight. When we open back up, we ask that you bring the temperature readings with you.

This is obviously an unprecedented time, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We will continue to monitor and communicate with Fairfax County and the Health Department regularly, and be in touch with you should any updates arise.

If you have any questions, or need additional support, please reach out to Anita or Lindsey. If you need additional resources or activities while at home please let us know.

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