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COVID-19 Status Updates

Phased Re-Opening of our Center

Earlier this month we were able to begin a slow, phased re-opening of our center. We never would have foreseen being so excited about having only 8 participants in our Day Center per day - but here we are, and we’re grateful!

We are deliberately taking our re-opening slow, planning out each step, and being sure to vet everything with experts on our board as well as local and state authorities. The Virginia Department of Health did a pre-opening walk through to check our protocols and they were "impressed with our preparation."

The activities and set-up look a little different, but it has been so great having participants with us in-person. Hands are washed regularly, temperatures taken at the door, masks are worn, and so far (fingers crossed) everything is going about as smoothly as we could have hoped. One caregiver shared,

"Thanks so much for re-opening Insight. My husband’s personality and well-being has significantly improved now that he back at Insight - the programs, the personnel and the environment are key to his (and my) well-being.  I know he is in good hands and safe.”

Our early stage Reconnections program just started this week as well. A participant summed it up best, saying,

“It feels like being home.”

We’re looking forward to the days we can welcome more of you back to the center in-person, but our virtual programs continue as we work hard to provide a range of options to best meet everyone's needs. We plan to continue our virtual education classes, support groups, and many other services for the foreseeable future. Our newest program, Insight at Home, is also going well, allowing early stage individuals to connect and engage in activities from the comfort of home.

What's New at IMCC

"I feel blessed to have lived near IMCC so my husband could participate in such a caring, comprehensive program."