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COVID-19 Status Updates

Holiday Travel Updates for In-Person participants

Dear Families,

The holidays are nearly upon us! We are very much looking forward to the festive nature of the holidays as a much needed infusion of joy and thanksgiving, a reason for celebration and grateful hearts!

Of course, this year, the holidays also bring a significant increase in risk for the spread of COVID as people travel to meet with loved ones, particularly since we are already seeing a spike in COVID cases around the country, including Virginia. We also now know that a COVID test may not be accurate until 5-7 days after exposure, which unfortunately lengthens the timeframe for obtaining reliable results following a potential exposure.

Bearing all of this in mind, and consulting with our Clinical Committee and other healthcare professionals, we are asking all families to follow these additional guidelines surrounding the holidays:

If you are traveling for the holidays, we ask that you:

  • Quarantine for 7 days once you return home
  • After those 7 days of quarantine, schedule a PCR COVID test, which Insight will schedule with you and pay for, prior to your return to in person programming. The PCR COVID test takes 2-3 days to obtain results, but remains more accurate than the rapid COVID test. Once a negative COVID test is confirmed, you may return to IMCC in person programming.

If you are hosting others this holiday in your home, or gathering with others in any capacity, we respectfully ask you to critically evaluate the following considerations.

  • Limit the amount of people gathered together at one time
  • Keep masks on while together, especially if indoors
  • Limit the amount of hours you are gathered together
  • Ask those gathering with you to quarantine for 14 days before visiting you
  • Increase ventilation if possible/practical by opening windows, meeting outdoors, etc.

We are setting forth the same expectations for our staff members.

We are looking forward to making this holiday season a particularly festive and joyful experience at Insight, as we realize many are foregoing their usual routines of extended family gatherings and traditions – and those who are gathering are doing so in unconventional ways, or making the sacrifice of additional quarantine time to keep us all safe. We cannot thank everybody enough for your diligence in keeping Insight open and COVID-free!!

Our sincere thanks and wishes for a healthy, joyful holiday season,
The Insight Family

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