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Status Updates

As our region continues to see decreases in new cases and our vaccination rates rise, we are excited that we can begin to slowly ease a few of our COVID safety protocols. Our staff and participant’s health and safety remain our highest priority, which you will see still reflected in our new protocols that will go into effect on July 1.

As more and more of us are vaccinated, and the weather is warming up, we're getting questions about travel safety. As much as we're all ready for a big (or any!) getaway, we still need to exercise caution to keep our center safe and healthy. Here are our current guidelines.

The holidays are nearly upon us! We are very much looking forward to the festive nature of the holidays as a much needed infusion of joy and thanksgiving, a reason for celebration and grateful hearts! Of course, this year, the holidays also bring a significant increase in risk for the spread of COVID as people travel to meet with loved ones, particularly since we are already seeing a spike in COVID cases around the country, including Virginia. We are asking all families to follow these additional guidelines surrounding the holidays.

Earlier this month we have been able to begin a slow, phased re-opening of our center. We never would have foreseen being so excited about having only 8 participants in our Day Center per day - but here we are, and we’re grateful! We are deliberately taking our re-opening slow, planning out each step, and being sure to vet everything with experts on our board as well as local and state authorities.

As our area enters Phase I, we are excited at the prospect of seeing our participants’ faces again soon! We are actively planning a slow reopening, but as we all still remain “safer at home”, we still have proper protocols to put in place before any in-person programs can occur at our center.

Insight will remain closed through May 29th. We will continue to follow the recommendations of Governor Northam and local authorities to ensure everyone's health and safety first and foremost. We are actively making plans for what re-opening will look like, and how we can best meet your needs while keeping everyone healthy.

Insight will be closed through May 15th. As much as we miss seeing your faces in person, we have to continue to put everyone’s health and safety first. We are continuing to assess and take things week by week, following advice and best practices put out by the health department and the state. Please know that we are trying to respond to this unique situation as best we can, and we’re currently getting plans in place on how to best serve you both now and as we re-open in the future.

Insight will be closed through April 10th. We’re taking things week by week here at Insight, trying to respond to this unique situation the best that we can while making plans for April to continue to provide you as many virtual services as possible.

Insight will be closed through March 27th. We’re taking things week by week here at Insight, trying to respond to this unique situation the best that we can. We really enjoyed getting to chat with all of our families this week, and seeing a few faces virtually too!

Insight will be closed through March 20th. While we will miss seeing your faces each day, we also know that we need to work together as a community to support everyone’s health and safety during this time. We are working on a few innovative ways to continue to serve you while we are all practicing social distancing!

Insight will be closed on Monday, March 16. This is obviously an unprecedented time, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We will continue to monitor and communicate with Fairfax County and the Health Department regularly, and be in touch with you should any updates arise.

Insight will be open today, Friday, March 13th for our Day Center and Reconnections programs, only. As Fairfax County public schools have closed for today, we will have limited capacity for food.

It’s all over the news, and you can probably already guess what this message is about: COVID-19. Insight is committed to serving our participants, caregivers, and the community to the best of our abilities, and that includes keeping everyone safe and healthy during this stressful time.

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